My Master Chef

It is said by Tenneva Jordan that: “A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” How incredible that woman is, in the case of mine, there is another mother.

My mother also points out four pieces of pie for five people, but she will immediately run to the kitchen and make the fifth one, so that she can categorize with no preference. Ultimately, to exaggerate my idolatry for her in term of cooking, that is just a parlance.

To be frankly, regardless of  my grandparents’ castigating about being indolent, my mother is not like that since she always makes succulent meals for me and my brother. These dishes may not be cooked up the storm but full of nutrition. One of my most favorite food is stir – fried rice with beef she makes for us every morning. Actually, because  my family sometimes faced the lack of instant noodle (not by poverty), it unexpectedly become the reason to invent that dish. You may wonder if stir – fried rice is not strange at all, however, it is different from other ones thanks to its perfectly circle shape created just by bouncing up and down as easy as apple pie. That sounds interesting. Besides, until now, I have always put the suspect on the way she make roasted pork while even though my meat owns the same color, same shape, but never the same taste. It is salty and bold, smell good.


My mother may never participate in any Master Chef competitions, but in my mind, she always beat other candidates for gaining the first place.


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